A small part from SiTime runs a big part of your world

Since technology plays a huge role in our daily lives, networking and telecom infrastructure across the world needs to be in sync 24/7.

If timing fails

  • You experience dropped calls and slow web browsing on your phone
  • You see fuzzy images while watching TV
  • Stock trades fall through

SiTime helps make this synchronization possible. We’ve designed our MEMS timing solutions to deliver the performance and reliability that keeps network infrastructure running. Our timing solutions deliver the best dynamic performance in the face of environmental disturbers, such as shock, vibration, high temperature, electromagnetic interference, and air flow.

Best dynamic performance
Frequency slope (ΔF/ΔT): 1 ppb/°C, 10°C/min ramp
Vibration immunity: 0.1 ppb/g
ADEV: 3e-11, 10s averaging time
PSNR: 0.2 ps/mV
30x more reliable
FIT rate: <2, MTBF: 1.2 billion hours


Core & Enterprise

Best frequency slope (ΔF/ΔT): 1 ppb/°C

Featured Parts: SiT5356, SiT5357, SiT9366
Wireless & Backhaul

Best performance under harsh conditions

Featured Parts: SiT5356, SiT5357, SiT9120
Fiber, Cable, DSL

Resistant to rapid temp change & vibration

Featured Parts: SiT5356, SiT9120, SiT9366
CPE & Home Gateway

Standard package, Best lead time

Featured Parts: SiT9120, SiT8008, SiT8009
Security Appliances

Best power supply noise immunity (0.02 ps/mV)

Featured Parts: SiT9366, SiT9120, SiT8008
Servers & Storage

High temp., Wide frequency range

Featured Parts: SiT9365, SiT9120, SiT8008

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