A small part from SiTime runs a big part of your world

5G is on the way to bring broadband speed over mobile networks. To support the future of 5G, networking and telecom infrastructure is undergoing a complete overhaul – creating a denser network and bringing equipment closer to the consumer. With higher frequencies, tighter channels, and shorter range radios, there will be an even greater demand on the timing solution.

If timing fails

  • You experience dropped calls and slow web browsing on your phone
  • New services, such as instantaneous download of your favorite epic movie, will halt
  • Critical connectivity used by autonomous vehicles may fail

SiTime helps keep everything in sync with greater accuracy and stability. We’ve designed our MEMS timing solutions to deliver the performance and reliability that's needed to keep network infrastructure running, even under the most demanding conditions like extreme temperatures,  rapid airflow, shock, vibration, and electromagnetic interference.

Excellent dynamic performance
Frequency slope (ΔF/ΔT): 1 ppb/°C, 10°C/min ramp
Vibration immunity: 0.1 ppb/g
ADEV: 2e-11, 10s averaging time
PSNR: 0.2 ps/mV
Up to 30x more reliable than quartz
FIT rate: <2, MTBF: 1.2 billion hours


Wireless networks

Excellent ΔF/ΔT: 50 ppt/°C, Vibration resistant: 1 ppb/g

Featured Parts: SiT5711, SiT5712, SiT5358
Data centers

Better stability at 105°C, Low jitter, Wide frequency range

Featured Parts: SiT9365, SiT9366, SiT9367
Microwave backhaul

Wide temperature range, Proven dynamic stability

Featured Parts: SiT5711, SiT5712, SiT5359
Serial-data Links

Better power supply noise rejection (PSNR) at 0.02 ps/mV

Featured Parts: SiT9365, SiT9366, SiT9367
Precision GNSS

Maintains satellite lock under harsh conditions

Featured Parts: SiT5156, SiT5157, SiT5356
Optical communications

Smaller size, Wide temperature range

Featured Parts: SiT9365, SiT9366, SiT9367
Timing Servers

No activity dips, Resistant to thermal transients

Featured Parts: SiT5711, SiT5156, SiT5356

Low aging, Programmable frequency

Featured Parts: SiT5711, SiT5356, SiT5358

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