Microwave Outdoor Units (ODU)

Cell phone tower on a mountain

Long haul microwave equipment is typically installed in uncontrolled environments and remote areas. The timing components used in these deployments must provide high frequency stability and low phase noise, while withstanding vibration, wide operating temperatures, and fast temperature transients. SiTime MEMS precision oscillators and clocks provide the robustness and long-term reliability (high MTBF) needed for microwave equipment.

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SiTime MEMS Timing Benefits for RU/AAU/mMIMO

Complete MEMS clock tree

Precision MEMS Super-TCXO

Stratum 3E MEMS OCXO

MEMS clock-system on a chip / PLL

More robust in real world conditions

4x better dF/dT for best IEEE 1588/eCPRI

Resistant to airflow, heat, vibration

Graceful degradation up to 125°C

Thin profile, easy to use, reliable

No external quartz

No quartz reliability issues

No cover or shielding needed

Microwave Outdoor Units Block Diagrams

Full ODU


Split-mount ODU

MEMS Timing Solutions for ODU

Devices Function Key Features
SiT535x  1 to 220 MHz
Reference clock for jitter cleaner and IEEE1588 ±100 ppb, ±1 ppb/°C 105°C
SiT57xx  1 to 60 MHz
Reference clock for jitter cleaner and IEEE1588 ±5 ppb, ±0.04 ppb/°C
Network Synchronizers and Jitter Cleaners
SiT9514x  8 kHz to 2.1GHz
Ethernet, PCIe, processor & IEEE1588 clocking 4-in, 11-out, 4-PLL

MEMS Timing Outperforms Quartz

Better Stability

Better Frequency Slope

SiTime – Better Stability
SiTime – Better Frequency Slope


Better Vibration Resistance

Better Aging

SiTime – Better Vibration Resistance
SiTime – Better Aging


Better Allan Deviation

Better PSNR (Power Supply Noise Rejection)

SiTime – Better Allan Deviation
SiTime – Better PSNR (Power Supply Noise Rejection)

Watch Video: SiTime Elite Super-TCXO Dynamic Performance vs. Quartz TCXO

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