Corporate Executives
Narayanan (Nara) Bharath

Narayanan (Nara) Bharath

Executive Vice President, Systems
Lionel Bonnot

Lionel Bonnot

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Business Development
Art Chadwick

Art Chadwick

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
markus lutz

Markus Lutz

Founder and Chief Technology Officer
vinod menon

Vinod Menon

Executive Vice President, Central Engineering
piyush sevalia

Piyush Sevalia

Executive Vice President, Marketing
Divyesh Shah

Divyesh Shah

Executive Vice President, Operations
Samsheer Ahmad Portrait

Samsheer Ahmad

Corporate Controller and Vice President, Finance
paul h

Paul Hagelin

Vice President, MEMS Engineering
aaron partridge

Aaron Partridge

Founder and Chief Scientist
Sassan Tabatabei

Sassan Tabatabaei

Vice President, Circuit Design Engineering
bruce potvin

Bruce Potvin

Vice President, Global Sales