The right timing devices for every industry and application

We live and breathe timing. That’s why we offer small, reliable, precision MEMS timing solutions. They deliver the best dynamic performance in noisy environments with high vibration or rapid temperature changes.

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Communications & Enterprise

Extreme temperatures, air flow, EMI, vibration, and shock? No problem. Our MEMS solutions offer higher performance and reliability in noisy environments.

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Our MEMS timing solutions give you higher quality and reliability. They deliver robust performance for ADAS, automotive cameras and other AEC-Q100 systems.

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Tiny and robust, our MEMS oscillators operate better in higher temperatures and are configurable for optimal system performance. No one else delivers all this.

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Mobile & IoT

Smaller size, lower power, less mass, and higher stability – that’s how our devices enable you to build tiny, rugged systems with longer battery life to keep connected.

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Our MEMS timing solutions are manufactured using the fabless semiconductor infrastructure—giving you a flexible, scalable supply chain with ultra-short lead times.

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Aerospace & Defense

Ultra-rugged MEMS timing engineered for the world's toughest applications that experience shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and airflow.

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