A small part from SiTime runs a big part of your world

Soon, every car will have its own supercomputer, and since the clock is the heartbeat of electronics, every car will need upwards of 70 timing devices. While cars today depend on timing devices for things like GPS and backup cameras, self-driving cars will require even more accurate timing. They will have to keep time to one billionth of a second!

If timing fails…

  • Your car may fail to detect other cars while changing lanes
  • You could have a flat tire and not be notified
  • Your navigation system would be lost

Only our MEMS timing solutions provide the robustness, reliability, and performance needed for operating the vehicles of today, tomorrow, and the future.

Operates in extreme temperatures
20 ppm over -55 to +125°C
Guaranteed startup at all temperatures
Best shock and vibration immunity
0.1 ppb/g low vibration sensitivity
30,000g shock and 70g vibration


ADAS Computer

High temp., Highest reliability

Featured Parts: SiT9386SiT8924, SiT2024
Precision GNSS

Maintains satellite lock under harsh conditions

Featured Parts: SiT5156, SiT5157, SiT5356

Smallest size, Best EMI reduction

Featured Parts: SiT8924, SiT8925

Best stability under harsh conditions

Featured Parts: SiT5356, SiT8924, SiT8925

Best jitter, High temp.

Featured Part: SiT9386, SiT9387SiT8924
Engine & Powertrain

Best reliability, Leaded package

Featured Parts: SiT2024, SiT2025

Smallest footprint, Highest reliability


High temp., Highest reliability

Featured Parts: SiT9386SiT8924, SiT2024

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