SiTime offers both MHz frequency and kHz frequency resonators that deliver superior reliability and resiliency in a tiny form factor. These silicon resonators provide the unique ability to be co-packaged onto a SiP or module with high-performance semiconductor die, eliminating discrete timing components and simplifying design and manufacturing.

SiTime silicon MEMS resonators deliver size, power, and performance advantages not available from traditional ceramic or quartz XTALs. These resonators are vacuum sealed at the wafer level to provide an ultra-clean, hermetic device with very high Q.

MHz MEMS Resonator Package Cropped Square

MHz MEMS Resonators

SiTime ApexMEMS™ MHz resonators, based on our third-generation MEMS technology, are suited for high volume, space-constrained mobile and IoT applications like Bluetooth hearables and wearables, high-speed connectivity interfaces, asset-tracking, and microcontrollers. These resonators come in popular MHz frequencies and are 85% smaller than a typical quartz resonator. The SiTime ApexMEMS resonators can be integrated into standard IC packages or modules, simplifying design and manufacturing. They offer better reliability, higher performance, and environmental resilience in a small size. By replacing traditional crystal resonators, these MEMS devices simplify design, reduce board space, and improve system reliability and robustness.

Device Request Datasheet Frequency Stability(PPM) Temp. Range(°C) Size(mm2)
SiT11XX Contact SiTime As good as ±20 Up to -40 to +125 0.42 x 0.42 0.48 x 0.48 CSP (chip-scale package) or KGD (known good die)
kHz MEMS Resonator Package Top

kHz MEMS Resonators

SiTime TempFlat MEMS™ kHz resonators, with a tiny 0.18 mm2 footprint, provide the unique ability to be integrated onto a SOC at the die level—delivering size, power, and ease-of-design advantages compared to discrete 32 kHz quartz crystals. By embedding the resonator die into a SiP or module, external resonators are eliminated—providing multiple customer advantages such as reduced board space and BOM, improved reliability, simplified design, and faster time to market.

Device Request Datasheet Frequency Stability(PPM) Temp. Range(°C) Size(mm2)
SiT1252 524 kHz ±100 over temp -40 to +85 -40 to +125 0.42 x 0.42 KGD (known good die)