Clock Generators

Cascade Platform™ clock generators are engineered to deliver the highest level of clock tree integration, consolidating multiple clock ICs and oscillators into a single device. These MEMS-based clock generators integrate the SiTime third-generation ApexMEMS™ resonator and eliminate the crystal reference required by traditional clocks. By removing the dependency on quartz, all quartz related issues are eliminated. This integrated MEMS approach improves system robustness – no jitter degradation due to noise coupling with the crystal circuit, always-accurate frequency synthesis without crystal capacitive mismatching, 10 times more vibration resistant, and always-reliable startup in cold temperature and other harsh environmental conditions.

Cascade Platform MEMS-based Clock Generator Package

MEMS Clock Generators

Cascade Platform™ MEMS-based clock generators feature 4 independent Frac-N PLLs, 4 inputs, up to 10 outputs, wide frequency range from 8 kHz to 2.1 GHz, and a rich set of programmable features in a small 9 x 9 mm package. By integrating the MEMS resonator, these devices enable designers to create a clock-system-on-a-chip and eliminate all quality and reliability issues associated with traditional quartz-based clocks.

  • Always-accurate clock synthesis by eliminating crystal capacitive mismatch
  • Always-reliable startup even at cold temperature and in other harsh environmental conditions
  • No jitter degradation because of noise coupling onto a crystal interface
  • No activity dips/frequency jumps inherent with quartz
  • 10x more resistant to vibration and board bending
Device Datasheet Buy Now Number of Inputs Number of Outputs Max. Output Frequency Number of PLL/Clock Domains Phase Jitter(rms) Package(mm)
SiT95141 Buy Now 4 10 2.1 GHz 4 PLL 1 time domain 120 fs 9x9 mm, 64-pin