GNSS Disciplined Systems

Precision timing is at the heart of GNSS disciplined systems. With our increasingly connected world, a consistent GNSS signal is more critical than ever. SiTime offers highly reliable and ultra-robust MEMS timing solutions that manage the incoming GNSS signal and filter wander to maintain signal lock. If the satellite signal is obstructed or not available, SiTime’s precision devices can keep the system running until the reference is restored.

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SiTime MEMS Timing Benefits

A leader in GNSS timing solutions

Navigation infrastructure

Financial transactions

Wireless network

Accurate and robust

Robust for mobile systems: 30,000g shock

Precision tuning: ±5 ppt resolution

Faster GNSS lock: ±40 ppt/°C dF/dT

Easy to use, built to last

Custom configured solution

No quartz reliability issues

1 billion hour MTBF

GNSS Disciplined Systems block

MEMS Timing for GNSS Disciplined Systems

Devices Function Frequency Features
SiT515x Super-TCXO Filter wander from incoming GNSS, maintain signal lock 1 to 220 MHz ±0.5 to ±2.5 ppm , ±15 ppb/°C, 70g vibration survivability
SiT535x Super-TCXO 1 to 220 MHz ±50 to ±250 ppb , ±1 ppb/°C, 70g vibration survivability
SiT5721 Digitally Controlled OCXO 1 to 60 MHz ±5 ppb, ±40 ppt/°C, I2C Programmable
SiT5711 Precision OCXO 1 to 60 MHz ±5 ppb, ±40 ppt/°C
SiT95141 Clock Generator Clock management and facilitate feedback loop 8 kHz to 2.1 GHz 4 input and 10 output, 4 PLL

MEMS Timing Outperforms Quartz

Better Stability

Better Frequency Slope





Faster Warm Up

Better Vibration Resistance





Better Allan Deviation

Better Aging

graphs-industrial_Better-Allan-Deviation graphs-industrial_Better-Aging

Watch Video: Elite Super-TCXO Improves GNSS Robustness

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