Manpack military radio in desert

Oscillators that work in the lab and in the field

SiTime Endura™ ruggedized timing devices are based on proven silicon MEMS technology. Compared to standard commercial quartz devices, they deliver shock survivability of 30,000 g, seven times better g-sensitivity, 20 times better reliability, and an order of magnitude better aging performance. Endura oscillators offer a range of factory-programmable features including programmable frequency to deliver the device you need with short lead times and without the expense of custom oscillators.

Best Vibration and Shock Performance

As low as 0.004 ppb/g typ acceleration sensitivity

Unchanged performance under random vibration

30,000 g shock survivability

Best Quality and Reliability

Semiconductor manufacturing quality

6-sigma processes

>2 billion hours MTBF

Excellent Frequency Stability

Up to -55C to 125C with near linear frequency shift

+5 ppb TCXO frequency stability

1.5E-11, 10 sec TCXO ADEV

Explore Applications

precision gnss

GNSS Receivers

Maintain satellite lock under harsh conditions
mobile radio

Manpack Radios

Robust and reliable

Vehicle Communications

Robust, reliable, vibration resistant
UAV Unmanned aerial vehicle

UAVs and Drones

Small size, resistant to vibration and temp

LEO SatCom

Resistant to shock, vibration, temperature
field comms

Field Communications

Reduces bit error rate


Operates during shock
Global communication technology and telecommunication network around the planet

Navigation and Guidance

Maintain performance under vibration

Featured Products

• 1 MHz to 200 MHz, -55°C to 105°C operation
• ±5 ppb to ±2.5 ppm temperature stability
• 0.009 ppb/g max g-sensitivity
• Aging as low as ±150 ppb over 20 years


• 1 MHz to 900 MHz
• -55°C to 125°C operating temperature range
• 0.04 ppb/g max g-sensitivity


• 0.1 ppm stability over temperature
• -55°C to 105°C operating temperature range
• Low 5 µA typ. current, 30x lower than quartz
• 20 ppb/g g-sensitivity


• ±20 ppm to ±50 ppm stability over temperature
• Immune to analog noise
• Up to ±3200 ppm pull range with ±5 ppt resolution and <1% linearity
• Low 0.2 ps RMS phase jitter (12k to 20MHz)


• ±15 ppm to ±50 ppm stability over temperature
• Up to ±3200 ppm pull range with <1% linearity
• Low 0.2 ps RMS phase jitter (12k to 20MHz)


SiTime is transforming the world of timing.