The world uses a billion of our timing devices
We enable communication, at light speed
We accelerate design with 48-hour availability
We enable 5G, in more places
We deliver mission critical performance
We keep you connected – longer
We're driving the future of timing

What do mobile phones, high-speed trains, and the stock market have in common?

Our timing device – that tiny dot you see.

It might be small, but its impact on your everyday life is truly remarkable. SiTime's MEMS timing devices ensure that you stay connected, travel safely, and trade securely.

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Optical Modules
Moving from 100G or 400G to 800G and beyond? Our ultra-low-jitter oscillators pack low power features in the smallest differential solution available today.
Your systems experience shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and airflow. Our solutions handle all these dynamic conditions with ease.
You need timing solutions that operate reliably under the hood, on the road, and over the long run. Ours do.
You need configurable timing devices that can take shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures—with short lead times. We’re the ones who deliver.
Internet of Things
Our timing solutions can go where space is tight, battery power is key, and rugged conditions are expected.
Mobile & Wearables
Small size, low power, and reliable performance in dynamically changing conditions. We believe our MEMS timing solutions deliver what no one else can.
Smaller size. High volume. Shorter lead times. Reliable, semiconductor supply chain. We have it all.
Ultra-rugged MEMS timing engineered for the world's toughest applications that experience shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and airflow.
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The Top 8 Reasons to Use an Oscillator Instead of a Resonator

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