MEMS timing devices on a silicon wafer under the magnifying glass

Higher performance, reliability, and flexibility with MEMS

Higher performance

SiTime MEMS timing solutions provide best-in-class stability and performance, orders of magnitude better than quartz. The gap dramatically widens in harsh, real-world conditions such as temperature, shock, vibration, and noise.

Better quality and reliability

Our MEMS timing products provide billions of timing pulses without skipping a beat. They are built for the long run and are essential for critical applications that can’t afford to fail. Our lifetime warranty guarantees performance for the entire lifecycle of your product.

More features, flexibility, and short lead times

A perfect fit for your next design—whether you need smaller size, lower power consumption, custom frequencies, or unique features--our programmable architecture allows you to configure your timing solution to your exact needs, and get it with short lead times.

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Timing devices provide the essential heartbeat in electronic systems. Quartz has been the go-to timing solution despite its many drawbacks. Until recently, engineers had to work around the many deficiencies of quartz. But data transfer rates are massively increasing, applications are providing more essential services, and electronic products are increasingly used everywhere, in all types of environments. Quartz has failed to keep pace. Today’s digital systems demand higher performance, better reliability, greater resilience, and smaller size from the timing device. SiTime MEMS timing is solving the most difficult timing challenges of today and helping to shape the technology of our future.

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SiTime is transforming the world of timing.