It's all about timing

Did you know that a cell phone has up to 5 timing devices and a car has more than 70?  Timing devices are the heartbeat of every electronic device, ticking away in the background to make sure things run smoothly. We've disrupted the $8 billion timing market and are paving the way for the future of electronics with unique timing products.



Timing is Everywhere

Timing plays a critical role in our life every day.
We depend on it to be accurate and reliable.

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Timing Transforms our World

Timing is at the heart of major technology revolutions. What's next?

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The Heartbeat of Electronics

Timing is to the processor, as the heart is to the brain. In either case, both must exist.

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Timing Reinvented

Timing devices have existed for decades. We completely reinvented them.

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Timing Breakthroughs

Our breakthroughs in timing technology inspire the future of electronics.

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Experts' Corner

When our customers face a challenge, they turn to our brilliant engineers for answers. 

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