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Quality Reports and Documents

SiTime provides the product and company collateral that our customers need to qualify SiTime's products, including but not limited to Reliability Reports, Confirmation of RoHS and Halogen Free Compliance.

Quality Standards

SiTime’s quality management system (QMS) is based on the ISO 9001 quality system standard and we have received ISO 9001:2015 certification. All SiTime products are designed and brought into production using our robust 6-Sigma processes. Products are fully characterized and qualified per appropriate JEDEC and AEC standards. To ensure the highest quality, SiTime performs lot acceptance testing (LAT) over the temperature range on a sample of parts from each production lot.

SiTime operates using the fabless semiconductor model. Therefore, supplier management is a cornerstone of our QMS. We perform an initial assessment of our critical supply partners using stringent criteria, qualification, and continuous monitoring. All of our supply partners are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 16949 standards, and are Sony Green Partners.

A History of Reliability

SiTime's high quality has been proven over the shipment of more than 3 billion units. We have extremely high reliability with failure rates that are less than 1 DPPM, which is among the best in the semiconductor industry. This is approximately 50 times better than quartz-based components, which have typical failure rates of 50 DPPM or more.

Our unmatched quality is the result of our extremely reliable MEMS resonator design and construction starting with ultra-pure single-crystal silicon. Our resonators are manufactured using our MEMS First™ process that produces highly durable resonators that are sealed in a clean vacuum environment. This process, combined with our advanced analog technology, makes SiTime’s timing products ultra-resilient and highly reliable.

SiTime timing devices are guaranteed to perform—forever. Our lifetime warranty demonstrates our commitment to producing products with the highest quality and reliability and is designed to give you added confidence of using the most reliable timing components in your application.

SiTime is dedicated to meet or exceed customers’ requirements and expectations, provide best-in-class quality products, and continuously improve our product quality, services, and processes.