Fronthaul Switches

fronthaul switch

5G networks are becoming more flexible and more interoperable with the disaggregation of the base band unit (BBU). The Ethernet-based fronthaul, using the eCPRI protocol, now connects the separated functional units with time synchronization that is 10x more stringent than in past generations.

SiTime MEMS timing products provide a complete solution – one that is more robust and accurate, capable of meeting the timing challenges of 5G RAN. Our Elite Platform® Super-TCXOs and Emerald™ OCXOs provide the stability engine in fronthaul switches, and our Cascade™ network synchronizer manages the IEEE 1588 loop and eCPRI/SyncE interface.

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SiTime MEMS Timing Benefits

Complete MEMS clock tree

Precision MEMS TCXO

Stratum 3E MEMS OCXO


More robust in real world conditions

4x better dF/dT for accurate IEEE 1588

Resistant to airflow, heat, vibration

Smart clock monitoring and hit switching for redundancy

Integrated MEMS, easy to use

No external quartz

No quartz reliability issues

No cover or shielding needed

Fronthaul Switch Block Diagram

MEMS Timing Solutions for Ethernet-based Fronthaul or IP RAN Switch

Devices Function Key Features
SiT535x  1 to 220 MHz
Reference clock for jitter cleaner and IEEE 1588 ±100 ppb, ±1 ppb/°C 105°C
SiT57xx  1 to 60 MHz
Reference clock for jitter cleaner and IEEE 1588 ±5 ppb, ±0.04 ppb/°C
Network Synchronizer
SiT9514x  8 kHz to 2.1 GHz
Ethernet, processor 4-in, 11-out, 4-PLL
Differential XO
SiT9501  25 to 644.53125 MHz
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SiT9375  25 to 644.53125 MHz
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Ethernet, FPGA 0.1 to 0.2 ps jitter, 105°C

MEMS Timing Outperforms Quartz

Better Stability

Better Frequency Slope

SiTime – Better Stability
SiTime – Better Frequency Slope


Better Vibration Resistance

Better Aging

SiTime – Better Vibration Resistance
SiTime – Better Aging


Better Allan Deviation

Better PSNR (Power Supply Noise Rejection)

SiTime – Better Allan Deviation
SiTime – Better PSNR (Power Supply Noise Rejection)

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