Experts' Corner

When our customers face a challenge, they turn to our brilliant engineers for answers. We've curated a list of conference presentations and technology papers for you to read.

PCI Express Refclk Jitter Compliance using a Phase Noise Analyzer

For the first time, PCIe allows Refclk jitter compliance to be measured using a phase noise analyzer. Learn about the latest PCIe BASE Rev. 5.0 specs for determining Refclk jitter compliance, about the pros/cons of phase noise vs oscilloscope methods, how phase noise aliases in sampled systems, and algorithm development. This topic was presented at DesignCon in 2019. (Presentation Slides)

DualMEMS and TurboCompensation Temperature Sensing Technology

This paper describes a novel DualMEMS™ architecture, how it differs in construction and fabrication compared to quartz-based devices, and how thermal coupling affects oscillator performance in response to thermal disturbances (frequency slope). Thermal simulations showing temperature offsets are presented.

MEMS-Assisted Temperature Sensor With 20-μK Resolution

This paper presents a dual-MEMS resonator-based temperature sensor with 20-μK resolution and conversion rate of 200 S/s, and FOM of 0.04 pJK2. The implementation of a MEMS resonator design with two functional modes and associated circuitry are discussed. This paper appeared in the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits in 2017.

DualMEMS-Resonator TDC with 40 μK Resolution

Precision MEMS oscillators require a TDC that adjusts the multiplication factor of a frac-N PLL to compensate for frequency variation over temperature. This paper presents a TDC based on dual-MEMS resonators with 40 μK resolution and FOM of 0.12pJK2 that has little impact on phase noise. This paper was presented at ISSCC in 2016. (Presentation Slides)

3-ppm 1.5×0.8 mm2 1.0-μA 32.768-kHz MEMS Oscillator

This paper describes the system-level and circuit-level design of the first production 32-kHz low-power MEMS-based oscillator (±100 ppm) and TCXO (±3 ppm) with a small form-factor for timekeeping and low power functions in space-constrained mobile devices. This paper appeared in the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits in 2015.

1.55×0.85mm2 3-ppm 1.0-μA 32.768-kHz MEMS Oscillator

Today’s 32 kHz quartz resonators and oscillators are facing challenges in size reduction. This paper introduces a 32 kHz MEMS-based oscillator suited for mobile time-keeping applications that require small form-factor, tight frequency stability, and micro-power 32.768 kHz clock references. This paper was presented at ISSCC in 2014. (Presentation Slides)

MEMS TCXO with sub-ppm Stability

This paper introduces the first commercial MEMS TCXO that delivers <1 ppm frequency stability from -40 to +85°C. Its system architecture, MEMS resonator, and key circuit blocks are described along with accompanying benefits, such as programmability and improved reliability and robustness. This paper was presented at AACD in 2013.