Development Calculators

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Jitter and Phase Noise Calculators

Jitter Calculator

Convert phase noise to phase jitter (rms) for a specified offset frequency range. Plot phase noise data and export results as a png, csv or PDF file.


Jitter Budget Spreadsheet Calculator

Estimate total jitter by connecting several elements in series, given each element's random and deterministic jitter contribution. Alternatively, begin with a jitter target, then budget jitter to each element to meet this target.


RMS to Eye-closure Jitter Calculator

This calculator computes the eye-closure in a BER bathtub plot due to the random component of TIE jitter (in ps rms) in a signal. Alternatively, calculate a crest factor for your specific application.


RMS to Peak-peak Jitter Calculator

Assuming all noise is random, this calculator evaluates a jitter distribution at a specified probability to convert an rms value of jitter into a peak-to-peak value. A quick reference table is also provided to estimate probabilities.


Phase Noise Spreadsheet Calculator

Use this spreadsheet to calculate phase jitter from measured phase noise data, including jitter filtering. Plus, see all the math behind these calculations.


Stability Calculators

PPM Calculator

Oscillators and other frequency control devices specify their frequency variation in units of parts per million (ppm). Use this calculator to quickly convert ppm to Hz. Or conversely, convert Hz to ppm.


Frequency Slope dF/dT Calculator

Upload a cvs file to calculate frequency over temperature slope (dF/dT) of an oscillator given its frequency over temperature data. Export the results as a cvs file or png plot.


Bit Error Rate Calculator

BER Confidence-level Calculator

This calculator helps determine how many bits to transmit to setup a BER test to be confident that the true BER is lower than a specified limit. Alternatively, use the calculator to determine a confidence level for your existing lab data.


Reliability Calculator

FIT Rate and MTBF Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the FIT rate and MTBF for SiTime oscillators, based on product qualification HTOL data, when operating in your application under specific conditions such as temperature and voltage.