Oscillator, Clock, & Resonator Products

Higher performance, smaller size, lower power, higher reliability, and better availability

Jitter Cleaners/Network Synchronizers

Complete clock-system-on-a-chip integrates resonator, clock ICs & oscillators, up to 4 inputs & 11 outputs, 1 kHz to 2.1 GHz
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Clock Generators

4 independent Frac-N PLLs, 4 inputs, up to 11 outputs, 1 kHz to 2.1 GHz, Programmable features, 9 x 9 mm package
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MHz Oscillators

1 to 725 MHz, ±10 to ±50 ppm, -55 to +125°C LVCMOS, Differential, AEC-Q100, VCXO, I2C/SPI programmability, EMI reduction…
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Programmable OCXOs

±5 to ±8 ppb, 1 to 60 MHz, +85°C, Better dynamic performance in harsh conditions, 40 ppt/°C frequency slope (dF/dT)
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Precision MHz Super-TCXOs

±0.05 to ±2.5 ppm, 1 to 220 MHz, +105°C, Better dynamic performance in harsh conditions, 1 ppb/°C (dF/dT)
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Ruggedized Oscillators

Endura Super-TCXOs, XOs, VCXOs, DCXOs, SSXOs – Ultra-low acceleration sensitivity, Best shock/vibration resistance, High-reliability
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32.768 kHz Oscillators

32.768 kHz, ±3 to 75 ppm, 1.2 mm2 CSP, XTAL replacement, <1 µA supply current, Drives multiple loads
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µPower Oscillators 1 Hz to 26 MHz

1 Hz to 26 MHz, ±5 to ±50 ppm, 1.2 mm2 CSP, 1 to 60 µA supply current, Drives multiple loads
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kHz and MHz frequencies, Higher reliability, Stability as good as ±20 ppm, Up to -55 to +125°C, Small footprints
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With our revolutionary silicon MEMS technology, innovative analog, and systems expertise, we deliver products that are transforming the timing market. Compared to quartz, our products offer up to

30x better performance
80x smaller size
20x better reliability

MEMS timing—leveraging the silicon supply chain

SiTime MEMS products are produced within the massive multi-sourced silicon supply chain. This enables us to scale rapidly and mitigate inventory issues.

We offer a vast range of programmable silicon MEMS timing devices to meet virtually any design need. Learn about replacing legacy quartz with MEMS solutions, readily available and with short lead times.

Revolutionary MEMS Timing™

Instant Oscillators with Programmer

Any frequency, voltage, stability within the device’s wide operating range

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