Seismic Sensors

Seismic sensors are often placed in remote locations, where they are subjected to harsh conditions, and in areas where the connection to the satellite reference may be unreliable. Yet the sensor must continue to provide accurately time-stamped data. SiTime MEMS timing solutions provide the essential reliability and accuracy needed for seismic sensors.

With OCXO-level stability over temperature, SiTime precision Super-TCXOs are optimized for accurate time stamping for extended periods of operation. For power-sensitive applications, SiTime µPower TCXOs provide an accurate low-power reference. These MEMS TCXOs deliver extreme environmental robustness under harsh conditions.

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SiTime MEMS Timing Benefits

A leader in Industrial timing

Infrastructure fault detection

Earthquake detection

Geological exploration

Most robust in real world conditions

4x better dF/dT for best time stamping

70 g vibration and 30,000 g shock

6 µA current for extended deployment

Easy to use, built to last

Custom configured solution

No quartz reliability issues

1 billion hour MTBF

Seismic Sensors block

MEMS Timing for Seismic Sensors

Devices Function Frequency Features
SiT535x Super-TCXO Time stamping and reference 1 MHz to 220 MHz ±50 to ±250 ppb stability, ±1 ppb/°C, ±80 ppb 20-year aging, 70g vibration survivability
SiT1576 µPower TCXO Low power reference 1 Hz to 2.5 MHz ±5 ppm total stability, 6 µA current consumption

MEMS Timing Outperforms Quartz

Better Quality, More Robust

Millions of Configurations

Better Quality, Reliability, and Robustness Industrial


Rich Programmable Features Industrial


Better Stability

Better Vibration Resistance

Better Stability Industrial


Better Vibration Resistance Industrial


Better Aging

Better PSNR (Power Supply Noise Rejection)

Better Aging Industrial Better PSNR (Power Supply Noise  Rejection) Industrial

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