Timing Transformed

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Timing devices are the heartbeat of digital electronics. We completely reinvented them.

Billions of timing devices are used in electronic systems that touch our lives every day. Quartz timing devices have been the industry standard for decades. But they are bulky, less reliable, and don’t work well under environmental stressors. Quartz has failed to keep up with the massive tech explosion.

The time was right to disrupt the old quartz technology and build a timing solution that could shape our future. That is how our MEMS timing devices were born. Learn how SiTime MEMS oscillators deliver groundbreaking technology in our whitepaper: Comparison of Quartz Crystal Oscillators and Silicon MEMS Oscillators.

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How We're Different

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Our MEMS devices are made of silicon (quartz isn’t). Silicon is a pure, strong, and reliable material that provides tremendous advantages over quartz. Silicon is 15 times stronger than titanium*. It gives us the ability to leverage the strengths of the semiconductor industry such as higher quality, the latest packaging innovations, and the ability to scale quickly and without massive investment.

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Better Performance

Our MEMS precision timing solutions are built for performance. They outperform quartz in key parameters, especially under the most challenging operating conditions. Our temperature-resilient MEMS timing devices deliver better stability over a wide temperature range and under fast temperature ramps. Plus, our devices have much better immunity to noise, shock, and vibration.

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More Reliable

We take pride in the reliability and quality of our timing devices. Whether they are used in advanced driver assistance systems, air transportation, or early detection systems for earthquakes, our MEMS timing devices offer up to 50 times better reliability and 50 times better quality compared to quartz. With our lifetime warranty, our timing devices are guaranteed to perform—forever. Learn more

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Small Size

Our MEMS devices make bulky quartz timing devices seem like a thing from the Stone Age. MEMS are inherently small—after all, MEMS stands for micro-electrical-mechanical systems. Our MEMS resonator is up to 3,000 times smaller than a quartz resonator. We were the first to use chip-scale packages (CSP) for timing, creating an oscillator that’s the size of the tiny silicon chips and smaller than a pinhead. Learn more

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Low Power Consumption

We designed our MEMS devices to consume less power. Since our parts are highly stable, systems can stay in sleep mode for longer periods of time, drawing less current. That means batteries can last longer, whether they’re in your mobile phone or your smartwatch or a sensor on a bridge

SiTime is transforming the world of timing.