A small part from SiTime runs a big part of your world

We rely on timing devices in our daily lives without even knowing it. Whether it’s exercising, playing video games, taking pictures, or listening to music, there’s a timing device or two ticking away in the background.

If timing fails…

  • The pictures on your camera will be fuzzy
  • Your VR game won’t track your movements
  • Your noise cancellation headphones won't block ambient noise

Cameras are dropped. Headphones are stored in suboptimal conditions. That's not a problem for our MEMS timing devices, which can handle the toughest environmental stressors. Plus, we offer the shortest lead times, and our manufacturing process can easily meet fluctuations in consumer demand.

Immediate availability
Programmer for instant samples
Stocked at your preferred supplier
Infinite capacity for supply continuity
Fabless semiconductor infrastructure
Comprehensive portfolio
1 Hz to 700 MHz
All standard packages


Consumer Electronics

Best lead time, Lowest power

Featured Parts: SiT1532, SiT1572, SiT8008
Home Entertainment

Lowest power, Best resistance to shock/drop

Featured Parts: SiT1533, SiT1630, SiT8008

Smallest size, Lowest power

Featured Parts: SiT8021, SiT1532, SiT8008
Personal Computing

Best lead time, Best EMI reduction

Featured Parts: SiT8008, SiT9005, SiT9120
Home Automation

µPower, Flexible frequency

Featured Parts: SiT1533, SiT1532, SiT1579
Audio & Video

Best audio quality

Featured Parts: SiT8021, SiT8008, SiT3808
Home Appliances

µPower sleep clock, Highest accuracy

Featured Parts: SiT8008, SiT1552, SiT1630

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