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The SiTime Legacy

At SiTime, our team of innovators is passionate and relentless in disrupting the 70-year-old quartz timing industry. Our purpose is clear – to leverage the advantages of silicon and build solutions that provide the highest customer value.

#1 oscillators

SiTime is the #1 oscillator supplier in the world

2.5+ billion

SiTime devices in over 250 applications


Strong 2021 YoY revenue growth

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Impact Today and Tomorrow


SiTime precision timing devices are used in many of the world’s biggest brands that keep you connected and safe – from the smartphone in your pocket to the earthquake detection system near your home.


Timing continues to play a vital role in the innovations of tomorrow, enabling new industries such as autonomous transportation, underlying synchronization within 5G networks, and helping to realize the full potential of the Internet of Things.


What lies beyond will only be limited by our imagination. 

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

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Company Culture

The SiTime culture sets us apart. We are a community of thinkers - engineers, scientists, and business innovators - with a deeper sense of mission.

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Environmental Sustainability

SiTime is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. We care about people and our impact on the environment.

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Quality & Supply Chain

We build quality into everything we do, from product development to operational excellence and supply chain execution.

The People Behind the Tech

People are the heart of SiTime. From developing technology innovations to supporting our customers, we are a people-centric company.

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Global Semiconductor Association (GSA)
Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company Award 2022
Embedded Computing Design
Best in Show at embedded world 2021

SiT9501 Differential MEMS Oscillator

Military & Aerospace Electronics
Technology Innovators Awards 2021

Ruggedized Endura MEMS Oscillators

SiTime is transforming the world of timing.