The SiT1533 is an ultra-small and ultra-low power 32.768 kHz oscillator optimized for mobile and other battery-powered applications. The SiT1533 is pin-compatible and footprint-compatible to existing 2012 XTALs when using the SiTime solder-pad layout (SPL). And unlike standard oscillators, the SiT1533 features NanoDrive™, a factory-programmable output that reduces the voltage swing to minimize power. The 1.2 V to 3.63 V operating supply voltage range makes it an ideal solution for mobile applications that incorporate a low-voltage, battery-backup source, such as a coin cell or supercap.


32.768 kHz
Frequency Stability (ppm)
75, 100, 250
300mV to 700mV, full swing LVCMOS
Operating Temperature Range (°C)
-10 to +70, -40 to +85
Oscillator Type
32kHz XO
Output type
LVCMOS, NanoDrive™
Package Type (mm²)
XTAL replacement
Voltage Supply (V)
1.2 to 3.63
  • Smartphone
  • Tablets
  • e-Readers
  • Health and wellness monitors
  • Fitness watches
  • Sport video camcorders
  • Wireless keypads
  • Wireless mouse
  • Battery management timekeeping
  • Medical electronics
  • Retail electronics
  • Asset tracking
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home entertainment
  • VR & AR
  • Home automation
  • Home appliances


Features & Benefits

Small SMD package: 2.0 x 1.2 mm (2012)

  • Pin-compatible to 2012 XTAL SMD

NanoPower: 900 nA (typ.)

  • Extends battery life

NanoDrive™ reduced swing oscillator output

  • Directly drives into MCU/PMIC/Chipset XTAL IN
  • Programmable swing minimizes power
  • Oscillator output is insensitive to load and operates with or without load capacitors;

No load or VDD filter capacitors

  • Eliminates all external capacitors
  • Eliminates load-dependent startup issues common with quartz XTALs

Operates down to 1.2 V

  • Supports coin-cell or supercap battery-backup

<100 ppm frequency stability over -40 °C to +85 °C temp. range

  • 2x better stability than quartz XTAL
  • Improves system connectivity and RTC accuracy


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