4 Output DB800Z Equivalent with 85Ω Terminations


The SiT92314 fanout buffer has 4 differential outputs: HCSL low-power (HCSL-LP) type. It meets or exceeds all the performance requirements of the Intel DB800Z specification and is ideal for PCI-Express Gen1 to Gen6 or QP/UPI applications. The SMBus interface and multiple output-enable pins allow the configuration and control of all four outputs individually. The SiT92314 is packaged in a compact VQFN package and uses a standard pin configuration.

5x5 mm, 32-pin QFN Clock Buffer package
"Specs" "Value"
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 85
Package Type (mm²) 5x5 mm, 32-pin VQFN
Buffer Type PCIe Fanout
Number of Inputs 1
Number of Outputs 4 Differential
Input Type HCSL
Input Frequency Range 1 Hz to 400 MHz
Output Type HCSL-LP
Output Frequency Range 1 Hz to 400 MHz
Additive Phase Jitter (rms) 8 fs (PCIe Gen6 @100 MHz)
Propagation Delay, Typical 0.75 ns
Output-Output Skew, Typical 50 ps
PCIe Support Gen 1 to Gen 6
Output Enable Yes
Availability Contact SiTime
  • HCSL-LP outputs with Zo = 85 Ω
  • Saves power and board space - no termination resistors required
  • Supports PCIe and QPI applications
  • Spread spectrum compatible; tracks spreading input clock for low EMI
  • Additive phase jitter
  • Fclk=100 MHz (10k-20M) band ~50fs (Typical)
  • Fclk=100 MHz after PCIE Gen5 (CC) filter ~12 fs RMS
  • Fclk=100 MHz after PCIE Gen6 filter ~8 fs RMS
  • Additive phase jitter after DB800Z filter ~10 fs RMS (typical)
  • Programmable output slew rate control
  • Selectable SMBus address
  • 3.3 V core and IO supply voltages
  • Hardware-controlled low power mode (PDN)
  • Current consumption: 62 mA Typical with all 4 outputs enabled at 100 MHz, driving a 10 inch T line and 2 pF load on each output
SiT92314 Functional Overview
  • Microserver and Tower Server
  • Rack Server
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Host Bus Adapters (HBA)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Hardware Accelerator
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