Timing is everywhere

Timing and accuracy is really what matters at the end of the day.

– Carson Wentz, American football player


Music. Sports. Relationships. Cooking. Stock markets. Transportation. Our daily life.

Instinctively, humans know that timing and accuracy play a critical role every day. While we don’t think much about it, we strive for perfect timing.  

Historically, timing has played a consequential role in the success of nations, automation in the industrial age, and communication in the information age. Chronometers, automated machines, vehicles, radios, television and GPS all relied on timing and accuracy to work.

Today, two trends are driving the need for more accurate and reliable timing: connectivity is ubiquitous and data speeds are increasing. Both need very accurate timing. In addition, the density of electronics continues to increase, making the need for resilient timing in these noisier environments more important than ever.

As these trends continue, timing will continue to be at the heart of major technological innovation.


Timing transforms our world

Timing is at the heart of the world’s transformation over the last three centuries. It saved lives at sea, automated machines and enabled the internet age. What’s next? 

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The heartbeat of electronics

The human heart is the pulse and the brain is the intelligence. In electronics, timing is the pulse and the processor is the intelligence. How are you caring for your electronics’ heartbeat? 

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Will timing help save the world?

Humans will find technological solutions to solve the world’s most complex problems. How will timing help innovators in this journey to realize the full value of what’s possible?

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