DualMEMS and TurboCompensation Temperature Sensing Technology

SiTime’s Elite Platform™ of oscillators and Super-TCXO™ families are based on a novel architecture consisting of a DualMEMS™ die and a mixed-signal CMOS IC with a proprietary temperature compensation scheme and a low-noise frequency synthesizer. This architecture enables excellent dynamic performance, ultra-low jitter, a wide frequency range and programmability. With DualMEMS technology, SiTime has leveraged the company’s vast MEMS design and fabrication expertise and an understanding of silicon as a thermal, mechanical, and electrical material to produce the world’s most accurate temperature sensor, resulting in OCXO-like performance with a much lower cost, lower power TCXO implementation. Fundamentally, it is the unique DualMEMS die construction and TurboCompensation™ temperature compensation that enable exceptional frequency stability over temperature and robustness to dynamic thermal disturbances. Quartz crystal based TCXOs are not capable of matching the stability and resiliency of DualMEMS Super-TCXO devices.

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