The SiT5712 is a high frequency Stratum 3E OCXO that supports any frequency from 60 to 220 MHz output, ±5 ppb frequency stability and 50 ppt/°C frequency slope (ΔF/ΔT). This device is engineered to provide the best dynamic performance. Leveraging SiTime’s unique DualMEMS™ and TurboCompensation™ temperature sensing technology, it delivers the most stable timing in the presence of environmental stressors such as airflow, temperature perturbation, vibration, shock, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The environmental robustness of SiT5712 enables unmatched ease-of-use and simplifies system design:

  • Can be placed anywhere on the PCB
  • No mechanical cover or shielding needed for thermal isolation
  • No external regulators required
  • No additional sealing required for high humidity environments

In addition to the 9 x 7 mm package (the smallest OCXO available), this device is also available in common OCXO footprints such as 25 x 22 mm, 20 x 13 mm, and 14 x 9 mm to enable drop-in replacement of legacy quartz OCXOs.

60 to 220 MHz
Frequency Stability (ppm)
±0.005 (±5 ppb), ±0.008 (±8 ppb)
Operating Temperature Range (°C)
-20 to +70, -40 to +80
Oscillator Type
Output type
LVCMOS, Clipped sinewave
Package Type (mm²)
9.0 x 7.0, 14.0 x 9.0, 20.0 x 13.0, 25.0 x 22.0
Frequency Slope: ±50 ppt/°C; Contact SiTime for ±3 ppb stability; Contact SiTime for -40° to 105°C
Voltage Supply (V)
  • SONET/SDH Stratum 3E
  • 4G/5G RRH, DU
  • Base Stations
  • Core and edge routers
  • Carrier class switches
  • IEEE 1588 boundary clocks
  • IEEE 1588 grandmasters
  • Instrumentation
  • GNSS disciplined timing modules
  • Power & energy
  • Defense & aerospace
  • Long-range communications

SiT5711 10-Pin Ceramic MEMS Oscillator

Features & Benefits

10 times better dynamic stability under airflow and fast temp. ramp, ensures best system performance in harsh environments

  • ±5 ppb over-temp. stability
  • 2e-11 ADEV at 10 sec under airflow
  • ±50 ppt/°C frequency slope (ΔF/ΔT)

Unmatched ease-of-use, simplifying system design

  • No restrictions on PCB placement
  • No mechanical shielding needed for thermal isolation
  • Resistant to humidity
  • No external regulator needed

Smallest size, ideal for high density and small form factor systems

  • 9 x 7 mm footprint, 75% smaller
  • 6.5 mm height, 40% thinner

20 times better vibration resistance, ideal for outdoor pole mounted equipment

Resistant to microphonic and/or board bending effects, ideal for large telecom PCBs

Programmable platform eliminates long lead times and customization cost associated with legacy quartz OCXO

  • Any frequency from 60 to 220 MHz
  • LVCMOS or clipped sine-wave outputs 

On-chip regulators, no need for external LDOs or ferrite beads

Semiconductor-level quality and reliability, batch to batch consistency

No activity dips or micro jumps

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