Low Jitter, 10-output MEMS Clock Generator


The Cascade™ SiT95141 is a single-chip MEMS clock generator optimized for the highest level of clock tree integration. This clock-system-on-a-chip (ClkSoC) consolidates multiple clock ICs and oscillators into a single device. Its low noise quad-PLL architecture and programmable output drivers provide up to 10 differential or 20 LVCMOS low-jitter clock outputs. It supports 4 additional clock inputs with Frac-N dividers, enabling virtually any input-to-output frequency translation configurations from 8 kHz to 2.1 GHz.

This clock generator integrates SiTime’s third-generation ApexMEMS™ resonator. This integrated MEMS approach eliminates the traditional clock dependency on crystal reference and quartz related issues, and improves system robustness:

  • Always accurate clock synthesis by eliminating crystal capacitive mismatch
  • Always reliable startup even at cold temperature and in other harsh environmental conditions
  • No jitter degradation because of noise coupling onto a crystal interface
  • No activity dips/frequency jumps inherent with quartz
  • 10x more resistant to vibration and board bending

The SiT95141 is supported by TimeMaster™ software that simplifies clock tree design. The device can also be shipped with a user-specified, factory pre-programmed default startup configuration. The device configuration can be re-programmed twice using two banks of one-time-programmable (OTP) memory during manufacturing or configured in-system via I2C/SPI for additional BOM flexibility. The SiT95141 is also supported with the SiT6503EB evaluation board and SiT6506EB device programmer.

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Single-chip clock generator consolidates MEMS resonator, multiple clock ICs and oscillators into a single  9 x 9 mm 64-pin device
"Specs" "Value"
Number of Inputs 4
Number of Outputs 10
Input Frequency Range 8 kHz to 2.1 GHz (differential), 8 kHz to 250 MHz (LVCMOS)
Output Frequency Range 8 kHz to 2.1 GHz (differential), 8 kHz to 250 MHz (LVCMOS), 1 PPS (one output only)
Number of PLL/Clock Domains 4 PLL, 1 time domain
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to +85
Phase Jitter (rms) 120 fs
Voltage Supply (V) 1.8, 2.5, 3.3
Operating Mode Free running, synchronized
Package Type (mm²) 9x9 mm, 64-pin
Features Redundant clock inputs with manual switching, DCO mode via I2C or SPI, 5 ppt resolution, programable output delay control
Availability Production

Clock-system-on-a-chip with integrated MEMS, simplifies designs

  • No crystal capacity matching issues, always accurate frequency synthesis
  • No noise coupling onto crystal circuits, guaranteed jitter
  • Resistant to vibration and board bending, anywhere PCB placement

Flexible features for the highest level of clock consolidation

  • 10 outputs, 4 independent PLLs, up to 2.1 GHz output frequency for maximum frequency agility
  • Individually configurable output types and voltage to support a wide range of processors and SOCs
  • Optional 4 inputs to enable flexible input-output frequency translation
  • In-system programmability via I2C or SPI for further SKU reduction

35% space saving, ideal for high density designs

  • 9 x 9 mm package, no external XTAL/oscillator required

Semiconductor level quality and reliability, eliminates quartz-related issues associated with traditional clocks

  • Clock Tree Consolidation Replacing Crystal Oscillators (XOs) & Buffers
  • Low Jitter Clock Frequency Translation & Generation
  • 10G / 100G / 400G Ethernet Clocking
  • Optical Transport Network (OTN) Clocking for Framers, Mappers & Processors
  • FPGA, Processor & Memory Clocking
  • Storage, Servers & Datacenters
  • Test & Measurement
  • Broadcast Video

SiT6503EB Eval Board User Manual for Cascade SiT9514x devices – Configure and evaluate device performance

SiT6506EB Programmer User Manual for Cascade SiT9514x devices – Program and burn SiT9514x devices

Cascade SiT9514x GUI Software User Manual – Get GUI installation, operation, configuration details

Cascade SiT9514x GUI Software Version 1.32.9 – Download software .exe file

Cascade SiT9514x GUI Release Notes – Get details on the latest version

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