design the future with MEMs
SiTime solutions are based on cutting-edge MEMS
technology, advanced analog circuitry, and systems expertise to produce the world’s most innovative timing devices. Precision timing offers many advantages over traditional quartz crystal timing devices. Compare them head-to-head and see why SiTime precision timing is the best choice for your next design.
Beyond Quartz: The MEMS Edge
in Performance, Resilience & Silicon Advantage
MEMS leads with
How it works

MEMS technology's unique design enables consistent, reliable operation, defying environmental fluctuations that often hinder quartz performance.

Better Frequency Stability than Quartz
MEMS can withstand
How it works
Higher Shock and Vibration than Quartz

MEMS' ability to operate flawlessly under strenuous conditions guarantees uninterrupted performance where quartz typically fails, offering unparalleled reliability for mission-critical applications.

MEMS excels with
How it works
Smaller Footprint using Silicon Efficiency

The reduced size of MEMS allows for greater design flexibility and efficiency, facilitating innovative applications previously unimaginable with bulkier quartz components.

Precision at Play
Discover how MEMS is Transforming Technology
Near-Perfect Synchronization with MEMS
Demanding applications call for high-performance components. Today’s connected world relies on countless data centers moving exabytes of data daily across cables and through server racks worldwide. This intricate dance requires highly reliable, precision timing devices to manage data flow, synchronize server operations, and ensure network stability.

Where traditional quartz struggles under the intense heat and electrically noisy environment of a densely packed data center, MEMS devices don’t break a sweat. Their performance ensures an uninterrupted, high-quality network in a package that’s up to 25X smaller while consuming a fraction of the power than comparable quartz devices.
Frequency stability as good as
±5 ppb
±0.3 ppb/°C, 10°C/min
frequency slope
>2.2 billion
hour MTBF;
FIT rate
Engineered for Extremes
MEMS is at the vanguard of performance, rugged enough for deployment wherever the need arises. In aerospace and defense, this means tough environmental conditions like extreme temperatures and vibration. For quartz, a sudden change in temperature or poor performance caused by shock and vibration can cause significant drift in GPS positioning. You need the reliability that only MEMS can provide for mission-critical applications like manpack radios and GNSS receivers.

MEMS timing devices have up to 3000 times less mass than comparable quartz components, making them virtually immune to shock, vibration and g-force. It's simply impossible for quartz to compete.
-55 to +125 °C
temp. range
0.004 ppb/g
acceleration sensitivity
Silicon in the Driver’s Seat
The automotive industry is leading the trend of silicon becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. A decade ago, a typical vehicle had a handful of ECUs. Now, computers are all over the car, from infotainment systems and dashboard controls to safety features, sensors, assisted and autonomous driving. Electric vehicles push this trend exponentially, with as many as 100 ECUs and growing.

MEMS-based components are easier to design, take up less space, use less power, and have fewer environmental constraints than their quartz counterparts. As our devices get more intelligent, pushing data back and forth between dozens of integrated systems, timing becomes more critical to keeping these systems in sync.
FIT rate
<150 fs RMS
phase noise (12 kHz to 20 MHz)
AEC-Q100 Grade 1,
-40°C to +125°C
Real World Impact
Elizabeth Donnelly
Chief, Time and frequency division, National institute of standards and technology
MEMS timing doesn’t just outperform quartz – it’s enabling things that are new and could never be done before
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