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Reliability and field failures a concern with your design?
SiTime timing solutions can help.

Silicon devices are inherently more reliable than quartz products. Our silicon MEMS resonators are vacuum sealed using an advanced EpiSeal™ process that eliminates foreign particles and vastly improves reliability.

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billion-hr MTBF
FIT rate

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MEMS Timing Solutions Reliability Key Features
>2.2 billion hours MTBF
<0.5 FIT rate
1 to 725 MHz, LVCMOS XOs, Differential XOs, VCXOs, DCXOs, SSXOs
>2.2 billion hours MTBF
<0.5 FIT rate
Stratum 3/3E, 1 to 220 MHz, ±0.05 to ±2.5 ppm, +105°C, temp-resilient
>2.2 billion hours MTBF
<0.5 FIT rate
Ultra-robust Super-TCXOs, XOs, Differential XOs, VCXOs, DCXOs, SSXOs
>2.2 billion hours MTBF
<0.5 FIT rate
AEC-Q100 Super-TCXOs, XOs, Differential XOs, SSXOs, +125°C

>1 billion hours MTBF
<1 FIT rate

Ultra-small 1.2 mm2 chip-scale package (CSP), low power
>2.2 billion hours MTBF
<0.5 FIT rate
1 to 725 MHz, crystal resonator replacement w/ better reliability, +85°C
>0.4 billion hours MTBF**
<2.3 FIT rate**
Clock-system-on-a-chip products with integrated MEMS resonator

**New release


Better reliability than legacy quartz

Mean time between failure (MTBF) predicts the expected lifetime of a device. The higher the MTBF, the more reliable the device. SiTime has stress tested tens of thousands of oscillators and found our MEMS based oscillators to be highly reliable with quality levels among the best in the semiconductor industry, and orders of magnitude better than quartz timing devices.

In fact, SiTime timing devices are guaranteed to perform—forever. Our lifetime warranty demonstrates our commitment to producing products with the highest quality and reliability and is designed to give you added confidence of using the most reliable timing components in your application.

* SiTime oscillators are up to 50 times more reliable than comparable quartz devices.
SiTime timing devices are up to 50x more reliable than legacy quartz
Reliability Calculator
How reliable are SiTime oscillators for your application?

Reliability Calculator

Get FIT rate and MTBF data for SiTime oscillators when operating under specific temperature and voltage conditions of your application.

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Additional Resources

• Technology Paper: Resilience and Reliability of Silicon MEMS Oscillators – Learn about comparative experiments conducted on quartz oscillators and MEMS oscillators under realistic environmental conditions.

• Technology Paper: SiTime's MEMS First™ and EpiSeal™ Processes – Learn about the manufacturing processes that make SiTime MEMS resonators extremely stable, durable, and reliable.

• Application Note: AN10025 Reliability Calculations for SiTime Oscillators – Learn about the testing process and calculations of predicted MTBF for SiTime MEMS oscillators.

• Documentation: Quality Reports – Find reliability data and other information needed to qualify SiTime products.

• White Paper: Increase automotive reliability and performance with ultra robust MEMS oscillators – Learn about MEMS in automotive applications, silicon MEMS manufacturing process, packaging features for automotive manufacturing, and more.


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