SiTime at ITSF

SiTime at ITSF

See SiTime at ITSF 2022 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Bringing the global timing and sync community together.

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Dates: November 7-10

If you design oscillators for precision timing and synch applications, discover how SiTime can support your work and improve the timing performance in your design.

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Advances in TCXO Technology for ±5 ppb Stratum 3E Synthesizer


Learn about advances in oscillator technology that overcome the limitations of traditional OCXOs. This presentation introduces the world’s first ±5 ppb Stratum 3E TCXO. Performance results will be shared and discussed in context with existing technologies used to synchronize networks.

Sources of Time/Time References track  |  Date/time: November 10, 14:30

Presenters: Jeff Gao, VP Product Marketing, SiTime

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The Need for Durable Timing in Emerging Applications


Learn how the environment impacts timing and system performance, how oscillator choice can boost profits, why traditional timing parameters may no longer apply, and recommendations for evaluating oscillators for today’s applications. 

Moderator: Gary Giust, Sr. Mgr, Technical Marketing, SiTime

Presenters: Jeff Gao, VP Product Marketing, SiTime & Jagdeep Bal, Director, Customer Engineering, SiTime

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