SiTime Enters Resonator Market with Third-Generation MEMS

SiTime Enters Resonator Market with Third-Generation MEMS

SiTime enters resonator market with third-generation MEMS—only company to offer MEMS resonators, oscillators and clocks to cover the entire timing market.

For integration into standard IC packages and modules, ApexMEMS resonators are available as silicon die. Co-packaging these resonators with high performance semiconductors such as Bluetooth chips and microcontrollers gives customers a significant system and development advantage.

When using a quartz resonator, engineers face numerous challenges. Significant effort goes into matching the oscillator circuit with the resonator in the presence of unknown board parasitics. Without proper matching, performance may be suboptimal, and device startup at cold temperatures may be impacted. This situation gets even more complicated due to performance variations that are inherent in quartz resonators. An integrated ApexMEMS solution solves these challenges, reduces development time, simplifies manufacturing, and boosts system performance, reliability, and resilience.

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