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SE Spezial-Electronic starts Europe-wide 24-hour programming service for SiTime's MEMS Oscillators


Bückeburg, 26. January 2017 – As the first authorized distributor in Europe SE Spezial-Electronic offers as of now for all standard MEMS oscillator families by SiTime an in-house 24-hour programming service. The selection of the respective components including definition of the desired technical components occurs simply by mouse click in the newly created e-shop. The components programmed in-house by our service center will be delivered 24 hours after receipt of order at the latest.

MEMS-based oscillators are no longer a niche product. Due to the manifold technical and economic advantages they conquer more and more of the markets so far dominated by quartz-based components. Thus the products from SiTime in the meantime have become very popular even as high-precision timers for Telekom and network applications or as AEC-Q-100 qualified oscillators Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL)-applications. Subsequently the demand for MEMS-based oscillators has continually increased for a considerable time. More than 500 million MEMS oscillators could be sold by SiTime as market leader so far.

For Rolf Aschhoff, Vice President Marketing & Sales at SE Spezial-Electronic, this development is no surprise. “One important reason for the increasing customer acceptance is surely that MEMS oscillators offer – apart from their excelling technical values – an additional advantage of individual programming. The use of standard semiconductor processes and packaging processes of the semiconductor industry guarantees an almost unlimited availability and extremely short lead times, especially if the components are programmed close to the customer.”

The new MEMS oscillator programming center by SE Spezial-Electronic is able to deliver almost every desired quantity from single samples up to big production quantities within the shortest time. At present up to 3000 components per hour can be programmed and taped, providing the customer with a choice of eight component series and four frame sizes at the beginning. “I assume that the high level of supply reliability and the drastically reduced delivery times due to our latest service offer will soon induce even more potential users in favor of MEMS oscillators”, Rolf Aschhoff is convinced.

Rolf_AschhoffOrders of the programmable SiTime oscillators can be placed with a few mouse clicks on directly on the internet. Further information concerning the programming service for SiTime MEMS oscillators can be obtained at

Rolf Aschhoff, Vice President Marketing & Sales: “With a production capacity of presently 3000 components per hour SE Spezial-Electronic is best prepared for the future increasing demands of MEMS oscillators”.


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