SiTime's Epoch Platform Receives Embedded Computing Design’s Best in Show at Embedded World 2024
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The Embedded Computing Design team has honored SiTime's Epoch Platform with the prestigious Best in Show award in the MEMS & Sensors category for the Embedded World 2024 Exhibition and Conference, April 9 – 11, 2024, in Nuremberg. Visit SiTime in the Arrow Electronics' Stand 342 in Hall 4A.


Embedded Computing Design Best in Show Award

This recognition highlights the Epoch Platform's significant impact on the future of embedded systems and its notable achievements in technological innovation, design and functionality. The Embedded Computing Design’s Best in Show Award recognizes products that exhibit exceptional innovation, market relevance and contribution to the advancement of technology in their respective fields. The SiTime Epoch Platform stands out for its groundbreaking approach to precision timing, ensuring uninterrupted, reliable network operations essential for today's connected world.

For decades, developers have lived with the shortcomings of quartz-based timing technology, compromising on real-world performance, reliability and power, because there were no viable alternatives. SiTime’s MEMS-based Epoch Platform changes the game, delivering up to 2X better performance, 25X smaller volume and 3X lower power in datacenter switches and routers, 5G base stations and core infrastructure. These benefits stem from a half-decade of SiTime’s engineering investment and systems-based development combining innovations in MEMS, analog, packaging and algorithms. With its exceptional stability, longer holdover, higher reliability, lower power and smaller size, Epoch OCXOs are transforming precision timing for today’s intelligent, connected electronics.

Epoch OCXO part on silicon wafer background

SiTime Epoch Platform Delivers 2X Longer Holdover and Ensures Reliable, Continuous Network Operations

All nodes in a 5G network must always be synchronized within hundreds of nanoseconds, which is 10X more stringent than 4G. This level of synchronization must be maintained despite network outages. To ensure continuous, uninterrupted network operation, a synchronized network relies on multiple, redundant timing sources. One of these sources is an ultra-stable, local oscillator, typically an oven-compensated oscillator (OCXO), which will “holdover” the network and ensure continued operation when other timing sources are impacted.

However, legacy quartz OCXOs are inherently unreliable and prone to performance degradation in the presence of environmental stressors such as temperature changes and vibration. To date, electronics companies compromised on real-world performance, reliability, size, power and warm-up time to achieve the one thing that an OCXO delivered – a stable clock reference.

SiTime’s Epoch Platform breaks through all the limitations of quartz OCXOs. Epoch delivers 2X longer holdover than quartz-based OCXOs, even under environmental stressors, enabling telecom and cloud service providers to deliver service continuity in real-world conditions. By using the Epoch Platform, network designs can extend system holdover and overcome the long-standing problems of quartz OCXOs. Compared to their quartz crystal counterparts, SiTime’s Epoch Platform MEMS OCXOs achieve:

  • 2X performance improvement
  • 9X smaller footprint
  • 25X smaller volume
  • 3X lower power
  • 2X holdover improvement in dynamic conditions

As we move towards an increasingly digital and interconnected future, the SiTime Epoch Platform sets a new standard for precision timing solutions, enabling more reliable and efficient operation of critical infrastructure across various industries. This award from Embedded Computing Design underscores SiTime’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of precision timing for embedded computing.

The Epoch Platform OCXO family

SiT5811: ±1 ppb stability, 12-hour holdover, 10 to 60 MHz

SiT5812:  ±1 ppb stability, 12-hour holdover, 60 to 220 MHz

SiT5801: ±3 and ±5 ppb stability, 8-hour holdover, 10 to 60 MHz

SiT5802: ±3 and ±5 ppb stability, 8-hour holdover, 60 to 220 MHz

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