Specs Value
Device Type Stratum 3E OCXOs
49.152 MHz
Frequency Stability (ppm)
Operating Temp. Range (°C)
-40 to 85
Supply Voltage (V)
Package Size (mm x mm)
Output Drive Strength*
Feature Pin
No Connect

*See datasheet for details

10 times better dynamic stability under airflow and fast temp. ramp, ensures best system performance in harsh environments

  • ±5 or ±8 ppb over-temp. stability
  • 2e-11 ADEV at 10 sec under airflow
  • ±40 ppt/°C frequency slope (ΔF/ΔT)

Unmatched ease-of-use, simplifying system design

  • No restrictions on PCB placement
  • No mechanical shielding needed for thermal isolation
  • Resistant to humidity
  • On-chip regulators, no need for external LDOs or ferrite beads

Smallest size, ideal for high density and small form factor systems

  • 9 x 7 mm footprint, 75% smaller
  • 6.5 mm height, 40% thinner

Higher reliability and robustness

  • 20 times better vibration resistance, ideal for outdoor pole mounted equipment
  • Resistant to microphonic and/or board bending effects, ideal for large telecom PCBs
  • Semiconductor-level quality and reliability, batch to batch consistency
  • No activity dips or micro jumps

Programmable platform eliminates long lead times and customization cost associated with legacy quartz OCXO

  • Any frequency from 1 to 60 MHz
  • LVCMOS or clipped sine-wave outputs 
  • SONET/SDH Stratum 3E
  • 4G / 5G RRH, DU
  • Base Stations
  • Core & Edge Routers
  • Carrier Class Switches
  • IEEE 1588 Boundary Clocks
  • IEEE 1588 Grandmasters
  • GNSS Disciplined Timing Modules
  • Instrumentation
  • Smart Meters
  • Long-range Communications

SiT6731 Eval Board User Manual – Evaluate oscillator performance

Frequency Slope (dF/dT) Calculator – Calculate frequency slope over temperature

Jitter Calculator and Plots – Convert phase noise to phase jitter, find phase noise plots

Time Error Simulation Software – Simulate and analyze the impact of the local oscillator

Reliability Calculator – Get FIT/MTBF data for various operating conditions

Emerald 9x7mm 3D Step Model – Preview oscillator packages in 3D

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  • SIT5711AI-KW-33N-49.152000Y
  • SIT5711AI-KW-33N-49.152000T
  • SIT5711AI-KW-33N-49.152000D
  • SIT5711AI-KW-33N-49.152000E
  • SIT5711AI-KW-33N-49.152000X
  • SIT5711AI-KW-33N-49.152000N
  • SIT5711AI-KW-33N-49.152000F
  • SIT5711AI-KW-33N-49.152000G
  • SIT5711AI-KW-33N-49.152000S