MEMS – the technology for precision timing

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Why silicon MEMS benefits over other technology?


Silicon accelerates innovation to help solve difficult timing problems. Whether driven by environmental considerations, stability at higher temperatures or increasing complexity in smaller spaces, precision timing has become an enabler and a differentiator in advanced system design. Timing devices provide the heartbeat in electronic systems by delivering a consistent signal that is the reference to all other digital components. As an alternative to quartz components, microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology has emerged in recent years as a primary timing source for a wide range of new, demanding applications. The benefits of silicon-MEMS technology will enable our ever-evolving connected world, from communications infrastructure and the IoT to automotive and industrial automation to the emergence of edge-based AI and the multiverse.


Benefits SiTime's Silicon MEMS timing solutions
Smaller package 1.5 x 0.8 Chip scale package, No external load capacitors needed
Higher quality & reliability >2.2 billion-hr MTBF, <0.5 FIT rate
Better shock survivability 30,000g shock resistance
Better vibration survivability 70g vibration resistance, 0.004 ppb/g acceleration sensitivity
EMI reduction Up to 30 dBm lower
Wide temperature range Oscillators: up to -55 to +125°C; Super-TCXOs: -40 to +105°C
Better frequency slope ±0.5 ppb/°C
Greater flexibility Any frequency, any stability, any voltage within a wide operating range

Looking for reliable oscillators for your new design?

Need oscillators that are resilient to shock and vibration?

Lack of space? Need space-saving Timing Solutions?

Need to design without power supply noise?

Need to solve difficult EMI problems and pass EMI compliance tests?

Need temperature-resilient timing solutions?

Find a perfect MEMS timing solution for your business

Communications & Enterprise

Extreme temperatures, air flow, EMI, vibration, and shock? No problem. Our MEMS solutions offer higher performance and reliability in noisy environments.

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Our MEMS timing solutions give you higher quality and reliability. They deliver robust performance for ADAS, automotive cameras and other AEC-Q100 systems.

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Tiny and robust, our MEMS oscillators operate better in higher temperatures and are configurable for optimal system performance. No one else delivers all this.

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Mobile & IoT

Smaller size, lower power, less mass, and higher stability – that’s how our devices enable you to build tiny, rugged systems with longer battery life to keep connected.

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Our MEMS timing solutions are manufactured using the fabless semiconductor infrastructure—giving you a flexible, scalable supply chain with ultra-short lead times.

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Aerospace & Defense

Ultra-rugged MEMS timing engineered for the world's toughest applications that experience shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and airflow.

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