SiTime - The Heartbeat of 5G

Wireless networks

Excellent dF/dT: 50 ppt/°C, Vibration resistant: 1 ppb/g
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Featured Parts: SiT95148SiT5711SiT5358
Data centers

Ultra-low jitter, low power, smallest size

Featured Parts: SiT95141SiT9501, SiT9375
Microwave backhaul

Wide temperature range, Proven dynamic stability, Learn more

Featured Parts: SiT95148,  SiT5711, SiT5359
Serial-data links

Better power supply noise rejection (PSNR) at 0.02 ps/mV

Featured Parts: SiT95145SiT9501, SiT9375
Precision GNSS

Maintains satellite lock under harsh conditions

Featured Parts: SiT5156, SiT5157, SiT5356
Optical communications

Smaller size, Wide temp range, Learn more

Featured Parts: SiT9501, SiT9375SiT9365
Timing servers

No activity dips, Resistant to thermal transients

Featured Parts: SiT95141SiT5711, SiT5156, SiT5356

Low aging, Programmable frequency

Featured Parts: SiT95141, SiT95145SiT5711, SiT5356, SiT5358