Ruggedized Timing

Designed for the toughest conditions

Timing devices provide the heartbeat for mission-critical systems. They must operate reliably in the harshest environments. If timing failsreceivers lose lock to satellites, navigation systems can receive the wrong coordinates, and the mission can be compromised.

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SiTime Endura MEMS Timing Solutions

Our ultra-rugged Endura™ MEMS timing solutions deliver the performance required for mission-critical aerospace and defense applications.

better acceleration sensitivity
better mechanical shock resiliency
better dynamic performance (dF/dT)

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• Gain a competitive advantage using ultra-rugged oscillators

• Improve critical performance: acceleration sensitivity, dF/dT & ADEV

• Increase reliability and quality with silicon MEMS technology

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SiTime offers an extensive line of ruggedized Endura timing solutions. These devices conform to MIL-PRF-55310 and deliver the best acceleration sensitivity (0.004 ppb/g), high-reliability (>1 billion hours MTBF), best shock (30,000g) and vibration (70g) resistance. Plus they maintain high dynamic performance under airflow, wide temperatures and rapid thermal gradients, pressure, and power supply noise—all within a small footprint.

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