Why Timing Must Be Tough Enough For Our Digital World

Why Timing Must Be Tough Enough For Our Digital World

Markus Lutz, CTO and founder of SiTime, discusses the importance of timing in our digital world. Lutz discusses how new technologies like SiTime's MEMS technology overcome challenges traditional technologies face.

From 5G networks to industrial robotics to self-driving cars, new and emerging applications require a ruggedized approach to timing technology to ensure robust, reliable operation.

The Internet of Things (IoT), the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning and the rollout of 5G networks and services are transforming our daily lives at home, at work and on the go. These converging trends are impacting personal and enterprise communications and extend to digital systems in self-driving cars, industrial automation, wearable devices and mission-critical aerospace and defense applications. All of these applications require reliable ruggedized electronic systems with embedded components designed for resilience. These components must operate without interruption or failure, even when subjected to intense environmental stressors such as temperature extremes, fluctuations, shock, vibration, airflow and lightning surges.