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SiTime MEMS timing – enabling 5G synchronization

5G will transform our lives with 10x the speed, 10,000x more traffic, 100x more devices, one-fiftieth the latency and zero perceived downtime. Better timing technology will make this happen – enabling higher performance, better reliability, and environmental resiliency.

higher precision under temperature
better stability under vibration
higher reliability reduces truck rolls

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SyncE and IEEE 1588, and how to meet the requirements of these standards with MEMS TCXOs that solve the environmental sensitivity problems of quartz TCXOs.

Synchronization is one of the most important requirements for telecom systems. SyncE and PTP, defined by IEEE 1588, are the most common standards used for synchronization in packet networks. In both SyncE and PTP applications, the local oscillator has a direct impact on the quality of the recovered clock or time.

Oscillator datasheets guarantee performance specifications under ideal operating conditions. However ideal conditions dont exist in real-world applications and TCXO performance under environmental stressors is unknown. Learn how to design with MEMS Super-TCXOs that provide significant performance benefits compared to traditional quartz TCXOs.

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