Silicon MEMS Oscillators Provide Benefits for LED Lighting

Over the last decade LED lighting has evolved from concept to mass production and is now replacing traditional lighting solutions at a rapid pace. LED lighting offers various benefits such as energy efficiency, extreme shock and vibration resistance, compact size, long life and effective dimming. LEDs are also environmental friendly since they do not contain hazardous substances such as mercury in fluorescent bulbs. Many LED lighting systems are built like a computer network and consist of a control unit, automatic motion detector/timer units, dimmers and other modules that communicate to each other through a wired serial interface, like DALI or through low speed wireless interfaces. This functionality requires microcontrollers (MCUs) or specialized IC chipsets that often require an external clock. There are various types of timing devices available today. Silicon MEMS-based oscillators offer high performance, reliability and flexibility, along with supply chain benefits and are the preferred solution for many lighting systems.


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