Women at SiTime – IWD 2022

We are proud to spotlight some of the many women at SiTime who support the company with their passion, valuable contributions, and leadership.

International Women's Day 2022 provides an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements as we embrace diversity and the advancement of women in technology. At SiTime we believe a diverse workforce and inclusive culture supports creativity, problem-solving, and better decision-making.

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“I joined SiTime to work with this brilliant team on a bold endeavor. The combination of business innovation, marketing & digital is my passion. I’m excited about the work, the team, & our extraordinary culture that sets this company apart. What we do is defined by how we do it – in strong collaboration with one another. We have an amazing opportunity to innovate & bring Digital CX to life.”

Judy Ash
Vice President, Digital Customer Experience

“I’ve always had an interest in semiconductors, especially the fabrication process. My role at SiTime offers a perfect opportunity to work with MEMS, CMOS and packaging. The people I work with are inclusive, always open to questions, and willing to share, educate and learn. SiTime’s culture is one of communal growth.”

Vaidehi Tawari
Systems Engineer II

Vaidehi Tawari at SiTime
Kseniia Drymalyk at SiTime

"I enjoy the work I do at SiTime because it combines both creative and technical thinking. I love being a part of a company with a strong culture, as well as being a part of something big ‒ our timing devices are used in a billion electronic devices around the world."

Kseniia Drymalyk
Graphic Designer/Desktop Publisher

Ginel Hill studied MEMS technology during her PhD in Applied Physics at Stanford. Ginel discovered that MEMS technology was a perfect combination of two of her passions: engineering and physics. After finishing her PhD, Ginel joined SiTime, a leader in the MEMS industry, where she works on breakthrough technology. She now leads a team of innovative thinkers who are revolutionizing timing.

Ginel Hill, PhD
Director, MEMS Engineering

Ginel Hill at SiTime
Neeharika Vellaluru at SiTime

"I chose to work at SiTime because I enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of MEMS and systems level work. The work at SiTime is very fulfilling because it's challenging, encourages risk-taking, and promotes ownership. I love SiTime's culture and my supportive colleagues."

Neeharika Vellaluru, PhD
Systems Engineer

“I enjoy the work I do with CMOS and MEMS technology as it challenges me. My coworkers learn and translate their learning into action quickly, allowing us to solve difficult problems. I appreciate working with many talented people and am inspired by them as well." 

Wennie Nie
Sr. Failure Analysis Engineer

wennie circle
katrina circle

“The opportunity for learning and collaboration at SiTime are endless. I get to work with many cross functional groups and talented individuals to develop new products through the whole product life cycle to production. SiTime’s environment is fun and provides exposure to other areas outside of my area of expertise. There is a lot of room for growth for those with a curious mind.”  

Katrina Nguyen
Sr. Technical Program Manager 

"SiTime’s culture promotes transparency, risk-taking & equal opportunity. It has been a joy working alongside some incredibly talented colleagues with a common sense of ownership towards SiTime’s success. This has allowed me to develop a wide breadth of technical & leadership skills."

Vasudha Vasudevan
Manager, Systems Engineering

Vasudha at SiTime


International Women's Day (IWD) - March 8

International Women's Day (IWD) - March 8

IWD is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality. #BreakTheBias #IWD2022

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