SiTime builds MEMS Clock-System-on-a-Chip

SiTime builds MEMS Clock-System-on-a-Chip

Jim Carroll at Converge Network Digest interviewed Piyush Sevalia at SiTime to learn about SiTime’s entrance into the $1B silicon clocks market and the company’s new Clock-System-on-a-Chip portfolio, powered by 3rd generation MEMS resonator technology

SiTime is entering the $1 billion per year silicon clocks market with the introduction of a Clock-System-on-a-Chip powered by its third generation MEMS resonator technology.

The new SiTime "Cascade" family of MEMS clock ICs is targeted at 5G, wireline telecom and data center equipment. The first product, the SiT9514x, consists of clock generators, jitter cleaners, and network synchronizers that deliver multiple clock signals in a system. SiTime’s MEMS resonator is integrated inside the silicon package.

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