Silicon Resonators Address Advanced Timing

Silicon Resonators Address Advanced Timing

Silicon-based timing solutions can offer performance advantages over quartz oscillators. We spoke to Piyush Sevilla, EVP of Marketing at SiTime, about their efforts in the timing space.

Establishing the proper time has been a technical challenge for most of human history, yet our advanced societal infrastructure has essentially turned time into a commodity. The need for precise timing has never been more acute, as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and machine learning, and advanced wireless infrastructures demand precise synchronization for optimum performance. 

SiTime has been active in the area of silicon-based resonators for timing, and their latest products are addressing the needs of the 5G networks and services that are in the process of transforming our lives. Powerful trends are impacting all communications, such as self-driving cars, industrial automation, wearable devices, and mil/aero applications. 

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