Silicon MEMS resonators

Silicon MEMS resonators

Learn how SiTime continues to siliconize the timing market with ApexMEMS resonators, by David Manners

The devices represent SiTime’s third-generation of all-silicon MEMS technology and operate at popular MHz frequencies.

ApexMEMS resonators are suited for high volume, space-constrained Mobile and IoT applications such as Bluetooth modules, hearables, high-speed connectivity interfaces, asset-tracking, and microcontrollers.

“With our recent Cascade family of MEMS Clock-System-on-a-Chip, and now ApexMEMSstandalone resonators, SiTime has offerings in all three major timing categories,” says SiTime CEO Rajesh Vashist.

Designed into the SiTime SiT9501 differential oscillator and the Cascade family of Clock SOCs, ApexMEMSresonators deliver up to 7 times better phase noise performance at half the power.

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