±2 to ±10 ppm Low-Power TCXO, 26 MHz


The SiT5008 TCXO offers ±2 ppm stability and low-power consumption in a small industry-standard package that is pin-compatible with traditional quartz TCXOs, enabling 100% drop-in replacement without redesign or layout changes. The SiT5008 is ideal for connected consumer products, IoT devices and other low-power wireless applications. This silicon MEMS-based TCXO provides higher reliability and industry-best vibration and shock environmental resilience. 

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4 Pin MEMS Oscillator
"Specs" "Value"
Frequency 26 MHz
Frequency Stability (ppm) ±2, ±10
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to +85
Package Type (mm²) 2.5x2.0 4-pin
Oscillator Type TCXO - LVCMOS
FlexEdgeTM Rise/Fall Time Programmable drive strength
Voltage Supply (V) 1.8, 2.8, 3.3
Recommendations Not recommended for new designs
Replacement Part SiT5156

Key features

  • Three supply voltage options: 1.8V, 2.8V and 3.3V
  • Frequency stability options: ±2 ppm or ±10 ppm
  • FlexEdge programmable drive strength optimizes the clock rise/fall time for specific applications
  • Industry-best vibration and shock resilience

Low Power

  • 3.5 mA typical at 1.8V
  • Standby mode for longer battery life

Small industry-standard package

  • Drop-in replacement for quartz TCXOs
  • Connected Consumer Products
  • IoT Devices
  • Smart Meters
  • Networked Audio Systems
  • Over-the-top (OTT) Streaming Devices
  • Wireless Equipment
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