Elite Platform®, Elite X™, and Elite RF™ Super-TCXOs are precision timing solutions with exceptional dynamic performance and rich features. These devices solve deep-rooted timing problems for telecom, RF, networking, edge synchronization, and precision GNSS applications. By combining tight-stability and low phase noise with the robust package of a ceramic TCXO, SiTime Super-TCXOs replace legacy quartz OCXOs while increasing reliability, lowering power, and reducing size.

  • Tight stability (±0.01 ppm to ±2.5 ppm), 1 to 220 MHz
  • Better dynamic stability than quartz (±0.5 ppb/°C ΔF/ΔT), resistant to airflow and thermal shock
  • -40°C to 105°C operation uniquely enables fan-less outdoor equipment
  • Low phase noise: -159 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz (19.2 MHz nominal)
  • Lower power consumption (110 mW, 2.5V) for battery-operated edge equipment
  • I2C digital frequency tuning eliminates external DAC and sensitivity to board noise
  • On-chip power supply noise filtering eliminates dedicated LDO