Ruggedized MHz Super-TCXOs

Endura ruggedized Super-TCXOs are tight stability (±0.05 ppm to ±2.5 ppm), 1 to 220 MHz precision oscillators, engineered to deliver the most stable timing under environmental stressors – airflow, rapid temperature change, shock, vibration, poor power supply, and EMI.

  • Best acceleration sensitivity, 0.004 ppb/g (typ) – 50x better than quartz
  • 30,000g mechanical shock and 70g vibration resistance
  • Airflow and thermal shock resistant, 0.9 ppb/°C (ΔF/ΔT)
  • Excellent Allen deviation (ADEV), 1.5e-11, 10s averaging time
  • Low power supply noise rejection (PSNR), 0.2 ps/mV
  • I2C digital frequency tuning eliminates external DAC and sensitivity to board noise