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We are disrupting the entire timing industry! Our success is built on an inspiring culture where employees are encouraged to be leaders, take risks, and overcome the impossible. Our team excels through collaboration, creativity, and relentless problem solving.

Get to know some of the SiTime family, why they thrive at SiTime, and what drives their passion.

Vaidehi Tawari at SiTime

“I’ve always had an interest in semiconductors, especially the fabrication process. My role at SiTime offers a perfect opportunity to work with MEMS, CMOS and packaging. The people I work with are inclusive, always open to questions, and willing to share, educate and learn. SiTime’s culture is one of communal growth.”

Vaidehi Tawari
Lead, Systems Engineering

"After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Systems Engineering Technology, I chose to launch my career at SiTime because of their unique and rapidly expanding MEMS technology. And because of the culture that encourages all employees to be leaders and to take risks to advance the company."

Parker Traweek
Sr. Product Marketing Engineer

Parker Traweek at SiTime
Judy Ash at SiTime

“I joined SiTime to work with this brilliant team on a bold endeavor. The combination of business innovation, marketing and digital is my passion. I’m excited about the work, the team, and our extraordinary culture that sets this company apart. What we do is defined by how we do it – in strong collaboration with one another. We have an amazing opportunity to innovate and bring Digital CX to life.”

Judy Ash
Vice President, Digital Customer Experience

“One reason I love SiTime is because the challenges never end and I feel supported and mentored to meet those challenges, whether they are solving technical problems or the continued development of my soft skills. And I’m a better human for it. I’m more vulnerable, I take more risks, I’m more reliant on others and I’m more honest with myself and others.”

Scott Strachan, PhD
Principal MEMS Engineer

Scott Strachan at SiTime
Kseniia Drymalyk at SiTime

"I enjoy the work I do at SiTime because it combines both creative and technical thinking. I love being a part of a company with a strong culture, as well as being a part of something big ‒ our timing devices are used in a billion electronic devices around the world."

Kseniia Drymalyk
Sr. Graphic Designer/Desktop Publisher

Ginel Hill studied MEMS technology during her PhD in Applied Physics at Stanford. Ginel discovered that MEMS technology was a perfect combination of two of her passions: engineering and physics. After finishing her PhD, Ginel joined SiTime, a leader in the MEMS industry, where she works on breakthrough technology. She now leads a team of innovative thinkers who are revolutionizing timing.

Ginel Hill, PhD
Technical Director, MEMS Engineering

Ginel Hill at SiTime
Gary Giust at SiTime

Gary Giust, an industry expert on timing, joined SiTime for the love of timing and opportunity to change the world. Gary likes how the people and culture at SiTime bring out his best, challenging him to grow every day. He appreciates that everyone at SiTime has a shared purpose of striving for the best in all things timing.

Gary Giust, PhD
Sr. Manager, Technical Marketing

"I chose to work at SiTime because I enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of MEMS and systems level work. The work at SiTime is very fulfilling because it's challenging, encourages risk-taking, and promotes ownership. I love SiTime's culture and my supportive colleagues."

Neeharika Vellaluru, PhD
Systems Engineer

Neeharika Vellaluru at SiTime
Jim Holbrook at SiTime

Jim Holbrook joined SiTime after working in the semiconductor industry on timing products including quartz-based oscillators. He recognized the truly revolutionary potential for MEMS timing to displace quartz in more applications and wanted to be a part of this revolution. Jim appreciates that SiTime encourages bold risk-taking, allowing its employees to create innovative solutions.

Jim Holbrook
Director, Customer Engineering

"SiTime’s culture promotes transparency, risk-taking and equal opportunity. It has been a joy working alongside some incredibly talented colleagues with a common sense of ownership towards SiTime’s success. This has allowed me to develop a wide breadth of technical and leadership skills."

Vasudha Vasudevan
Sr. Manager, Systems Engineering

Vasudha at SiTime
Vidhya Balaji at SiTime

MEMS technology interested me throughout my educational career. I chose to work at SiTime to gain different experiences within the MEMS field. I enjoy having the ability to branch out in different directions and solve complex technical problems.

Vidhya Balaji
Systems Engineer II

“I enjoy using our unique solutions to help customers solve their design problems in different applications. Working at SiTime allows me to take on responsibilities and grow professionally, while encouraging leadership and decision-making.”

Oleksandra Slavova
Customer Engineer I

Oleksandra Slavova at SiTime


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