International Women in Engineering Day

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Women@SiTime – International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day honors women in the field of engineering around the world.

At SiTime, we celebrate the outstanding achievements of women in the field of MEMS timing and beyond. We are proud to spotlight a few of the many talented SiTime engineers who support the company with their passion, creativity, and leadership.

International Women in Engineering Day — June 23, 2023

Vaidehi Tawari at SiTime

“I’ve always had an interest in semiconductors, especially the fabrication process. My role at SiTime offers a perfect opportunity to work with MEMS, CMOS and packaging. The people I work with are inclusive, always open to questions, and willing to share, educate and learn. SiTime’s culture is one of communal growth.”

Vaidehi Tawari
Lead, Systems Engineering

Ginel Hill studied MEMS technology during her PhD in Applied Physics at Stanford. Ginel discovered that MEMS technology was a perfect combination of two of her passions: engineering and physics. After finishing her PhD, Ginel joined SiTime, a leader in the MEMS industry, where she works on breakthrough technology. She now leads a team of innovative thinkers who are revolutionizing timing.

Ginel Hill, PhD
Technical Director, MEMS Engineering

Ginel Hill at SiTime
Vasudha at SiTime

"SiTime’s culture promotes transparency, risk-taking and equal opportunity. It has been a joy working alongside some incredibly talented colleagues with a common sense of ownership towards SiTime’s success. This has allowed me to develop a wide breadth of technical and leadership skills."

Vasudha Vasudevan
Sr. Manager, Systems Engineering

“I enjoy using our unique solutions to help customers solve their design problems in different applications. Working at SiTime allows me to take on responsibilities and grow professionally, while encouraging leadership and decision-making.”

Oleksandra Slavova
Customer Engineer I

Oleksandra Slavova at SiTime