The Heartbeat of 5G

Designed to support the future of 5G

SiTime helps to keep everything in sync with greater accuracy and stability. We’ve designed our MEMS timing solutions to keep network infrastructure running, even under the most demanding conditions like extreme temperatures, rapid airflow, shock, vibration, and electromagnetic interference.

Image: 5G SiTime branded background

SiTime MEMS Timing Solutions for 5G

Higher Performance, Environmentally Resilient, Smaller Size

more reliable    than   quartz 
better stability under vibration
smaller package       size                
higher precision under  temp 
lower power consump             
more resistant to supply noise

Get benefits using our solutions

Wireless networks

Benefit: Excellent dF/dT: 50 ppt/°C, Vibration resistant: 1 ppb/g

Data centers

Benefit: Ultra-low jitter, low power, smallest size

Microwave backhaul

Benefit: Wide temperature range, Proven dynamic stability

Serial-data links

Benefit: Better power supply noise rejection at 0.02 ps/mV

Precision GNSS

Benefit: Maintains satellite lock under harsh conditions

Optical communications

Benefit: Smaller size, Wide temp range

Timing servers

Benefit: No activity dips, Resistant to thermal transients


Benefit: Low aging, Programmable frequency

What are customers saying?

"SiTime's SiT5356 Super-TCXO enables a new class of wireless devices to communicate with a base station without having to be perfectly calibrated in a factory setting. Subscriber units can now dynamically remove frequency offset, improving channel performance on the fly as needed. The world-class stability of the SiT5356 means that the firmware can focus on other things - set and forget."

Lev M. Shuhatovich
Hardware Architect
Skylark Wireless